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DC Choral Society would not exist were it not for our amazing sponsors. We try to keep our rates affordable so that our programs are accessible to all citizens. DCCS avidly pursues fundraising opportunities such as the Purdy’s Easter Chocolate fundraiser and volunteer work at various community events. The following are some areas of need for the continued growth of our choral and musical theatre programs.

  • Financial Assistance for Low-Income Families
    • For those who wish to sing with us but current economic situations do not allow the freedom within their family budget, we would like to be able to offer scholarships or sponsored registration fees
  • Music Library
    • In order to continue to offer public performances, we need a diverse music library of sheet music. In accordance with Canadian copyright laws (SOCAN), every performer must have printed music for which the rights have been paid. This way, we ensure that the composers, songwriters, and publishers are compensated for their creative work. We are happy to receive financial contributions to purchase new music, as well as in-kind donations of any choral/vocal music you may wish to give.
    • Each term, DCCS needs to spend approximately $1000 on music. This number will decrease over time as our library grows and we can re-use songs we already have, and as we continue to make use of the music borrowing program with the BC Choral Federation and library services through the Canadian Music Centre.
    • See also our “Request a Song” program!
  • Equipment (in-kind or specified financial support)
    • Items that we would eventually like to have for the benefit of our programs include staging equipment (choral risers, railings, and other materials), music lights and stands, music folders, technical hardware and software programs, and a filing cabinet for our library.
  • Event Sponsorship
    • DCCS puts on at least four major public performance events per year, and welcome any event sponsors who may assist with production costs.
    • There are many fantastic choral conductors and vocal groups across Western Canada who we would love to have come to work with our choirs. We are also looking into hosting special concert events that feature various local and visiting singing groups.
    • Our choirs also participate in the local Arts Festival to receive professional adjudication. For 2016-17, we hope to incorporate travel opportunities for your children’s and youth choirs to participate in more competitive festivals.

If you are interested in supporting any of these programs, please contact our Board of Directors using the form below. We look forward to serving the community of Dawson Creek and surrounding area for many years to come!

You can also donate today by using PayPal or e-Transfer to caitlyn[at]
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