Our Kindermusk program is designed to allow for registration at any time. We run 12-week term sessions, each featuring three unique Kindermusik curriculum units for every level. If you join in the middle of a unit or term, you will be assessed a pro-rated fee to adjust for the late entry to the program. Kindermusik is best enjoyed over a longer span of time, as your child develops new motor and cognitive skills, and becomes comfortable with the class rituals and routines. When you fill out the registration form below, you will be contacted as soon as possible with confirmation of your enrollment.

Neonatal0 to 3 monthsComing soon!
Foundations0 to 12 monthsTuesdays 11:00 OR Fridays 3:00
Level 11 to 2 yearsTuesdays 9:30 OR Fridays 4:00
Level 22 to 3 yearsThursdays 10:00 OR Fridays 1:00
Level 33 to 4 yearsTuesdays 1:30 OR Fridays 11:00
Level 44 to 5 yearsThursdays 1:00