Youth Show Choir


Ages:           12 to 17

Season:        September to early May

Classes:        Tuesdays from 3:30 to 5:00 PM

Fees: $10 Membership and $255 Registration (or two payments of $145)

Instructor:   Caitlyn Triebel

CURRENT MEMBERS: Listen to Practice Tracks Online

The Youth Show Choir is an intermediate level program that encourages musical independence and strong vocal skills. One and a half hours per week includes instruction on solo and group vocal techniques, vocal health, sight-singing and aural development for matching tones and tuning up to  4-part harmony. Classes will also include element of music literacy, positive group dynamics, and performance energy. Music is chosen with the students’ interests in mind, and students will have input on arrangements and style, including choreography and costumes. Opportunities for solos and duets as well as additional sectional rehearsals. The music we learn varies in style, genre, and degree of difficulty, from popular music and jazz to classical, from Broadway hits to traditional tunes. This choir performs in at least three concerts per year, and potentially other one-off events. Students will also have the chance to compete in local and regional Arts Festivals. For more information, call (250) 467-9277.

February Show Choir Concert: Starting in September, students will begin to program and rehearse for their own show choir production, and are involved in every stage of the concert production experience. This include choosing music and arrangements, rehearsing, promotions, staging, props, costumes, choreography, and more.

If fees are ever a concern or a burden for families, please consider accessing the Dawson Creek Arts and Wellness Fund

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