The Bravura Children’s Choir provides a fun and positive atmosphere for learning music and performance style in a team environment. In this program, your child will learn how to improve their singing, how to identify rhythms and harmonies, and begin to understand how to read written music. A major component to this program is developing a strong culture of teamwork through respect for peers and instructors, inspiring students to push their limits and excel in many other areas of their lives. Students will have opportunities for solos and duets, and will have a chance to compete in local and regional Arts Festivals. The Children’s Chorus performs in at least three major concerts per year, and usually a handful of other one-off events.


Ages:           8 to 12

Season:       September to early May

Classes:       Wednesdays 3:30 to 5:00

Instructor:   Caitlyn Triebel

2019-20 Fees:

$10 DCCS Family Membership
One payment of $200 OR
Two payments of $105 OR
Monthly payments of $27
Concert attire is provided by each family. Singers need a white dress shirt (any style) and black bottoms (pants or skirt) with black shoes. Jackets or other promotional items, concert tickets, fundraising

If fees are ever a concern or a burden for families, please consider accessing the Dawson Creek Arts and Wellness Fund.

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