Angel Choir Descending on Dawson Creek

Hark! The first annual DCCS Angel Chorus has arrived and is currently on display the Calvin Kruk Centre for the Arts  in downtown Dawson Creek. These angels, which were built following a call for submissions earlier this fall, are competing for a cash donation to the charity of their makers’ choice.

The completed angels for this year’s competition

The way it works is as follows. Each angel has been handmade by a group or individual according to given criteria (must be over 3 feet tall, be free-standing, and must have wings). The angels were debuted on December 8th during the DCCS’s Handmade Christmas Festival, the first year for this event as well. Each angel has a jar for collections as the public votes on their favourite. At the end of the DCCS Gala Concert on December 21st, the angel who has collected the highest donations will be declared the winner. The winning angel will then gift 50% of total proceeds to its cause. The remaining 50% will be dedicated to expansion of DCCS programming and community outreach activities. 

What happens to the angels after the event? Well, this is still up for debate. All angels will first be offered back to their creators. They may be donated back to DCCS for auction, or to their charity of choice. 

How to Vote on your Favourite Angel

You can view each angel below, and can cast your votes from this page using the PayPal button below, indicating which angel you would like to vote for. Or, you could email DCCS Artistic Director  to pledge your amount. The final opportunity to vote in person will be at the Bright Lights and City Nights Winter Gala Concert on December 21st at Unchagah Hall. The hall opens at 6:30 and concert begins at 7:00. 

Build a Winning Angel to Raise Funds this December

Build a winning angel to raise funds this December for your local charity or non-profit of choice!
“You don’t have to be an angel to sing harmony” (Carly Simon, “The Night Before Christmas”)

You can create harmony in your own community this December by participating in the Dawson Creek Choral Society’s Angel Chorus Charity Competition. DCCS is inviting local businesses, non-profits, and individuals to get crafty and build something great for Dawson Creek. We are asking teams to build a free-standing angel out of whatever materials you can think of (recycled materials, sticks, fabric, metal, books, junk, etc.).

Competition Rules:
  1. Angels must be free-standing and at least 3 feet tall
  2. Angels need to have wings
  3. Each team must declare the chosen cause in advance, to be displayed during the voting period. The non-profit or charity must operate locally to be eligible.
Vote On Your Favourite Angelic Creation
The public will be invited to vote on their favourite angels at two DCCS events, starting with the Crafts, Cocoa & Cookies Handmade Christmas Festival on Saturday, December 8th at the Kiwanis Performing Arts Centre from 11:00 to 3:00. The final event for voting will be the Bright Lights and City Nights Winter Gala on Friday, December 21st at Unchagah Hall.
Vote by dropping change or cash into your favourite angel’s jar, or by pledging online (more details on this coming soon). The angel that raises the most money will be declared the winner, and the winning team then donates 50% of total proceeds to their charity or non-profit. The remaining funds go to support expansion of DCCS programs in 2019.
We hope that our chorus of angels will generate some decent funds for a local group. The winning angel and the total amount raised will be announced at the end of the concert on December 21st. Watch our blog for more information and online voting.
For more information, or to submit an angel, please contact Caitlyn Triebel before November 25th. All angels must be delivered to KPAC on Friday, December 7th.